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”The beauty of a simple movement, glittering eyes that meet, an instant of life captured for eternity.
What I want to show you is the marvel of photography; how it can capture the most intense and accurate picture of yourself.”


A variety of stories to walk you through my idea of photography and to explain how people’s most intimate emotions can be captured in a picture.


I cherish the essential momentum and defining moments. My art is passion, my art means experimenting, my art is observing the world.

Art of Fishing

The eternal challenge between man and nature and the unpredictable journey of life. This documentary tells the story of strong men, of a forgotten art, of an unknown trade.

Art Of Fishing

Uta Theile

The passion for art, darkrooms, the first experiments with the art of portrait, and then , wedding photography. This is the story of a passion that has grown and developed relentlessly. A passion for finding beauty in the reflections of our soul.

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Uta Theile

Last Shots

Contemporary portrait - WS Sue Bryce Contemporary portrait – WS Sue Bryce 05-07-2017

I had the honor to attend the WS with Sue Bryce dedicated to the art of contemporary portraiture, inspired by fashion photography: an incredible, stimulating and unforgetable experience.

Love is in the air Love is in the air 08-04-2017

Love is in the air … a feeling that accompanied us from the getting ready to the reception at the beautiful Villa Marigola in Lerici.

Wedding Monterosso Wedding Monterosso 12-02-2017

The ancient church of Soviore and the hills of Monterosso in the Cinque Terre were the perfect setting for the beautiful wedding between see and sky.

Engagement Monterosso Engagement Monterosso 09-10-2016

Cristina and Gino have chosen the charming beach of Monterosso al mare in the Cinque Terre and its most romantic places to capture the magic of their love.