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Here you will find the questions I am most frequently asked. They are questions about wedding shootings, portrait photographic sessions, or sessions for couples, families, children and newborns or pregnant mothers.
I highly recommend you read it as it contains interesting information that will be useful for you to better understand how a shooting works (what, when, how, why…) and how complex the work of a professional photographer is.

There are some days in our life that deserve to be photographed and immortalized because they are unique, one of a kind. A picture is priceless, it has no value. The pregnancy, the femininity of a soon-to-be mother, the first days of our baby’s life full of smiles, smirks and grimaces. Or, once again, your family gathered for a joyful, carefree moment… these are once in a lifetime events that will never come back. These eternal instants deserve to be captured for eternity.

If you choose me as the photographer of the magic day of your wedding, I will take care of capturing the delicate magic of that moment and its unique protagonists in order to create the perfect memory of this beautiful day. Feelings and emotions are rendered eternal through photography. My photograph is more though, I search for your real selves, your dreams; it is like discovering and traveling, together.

The relationship I have with people means a lot to me. I always want to be sure you feel understood and that I have your wishes clear in my head, this is why I always want to know the people I work for. This website is the first step you took to get to know me better. The following is that of meeting, in person or via Skype to discover what your expectations, desires and peculiarities are.

Upon starting this magical journey I invite you to start dreaming… On my side I will do my best to translate your dreams into photographs.

Talk to you soon,




Why should I choose a professional photographer?

Photographic portraits are at the same time the most fascinating and the most difficult photographic genre. Realizing portrait pictures of your family, your children or of yourself means to me being able to capture and tell the best of your world, those emotions and the atmosphere that surround you. To do so I use my intuition and observe carefully every single detail I have available and at the same time I make sure you feel at ease, in this way the pictures I take will be spontaneous and natural. I offer all my experience and creativity to tell the most important and precious moments of your life. I then print them and make them indelible using top-quality products.

What does the fee for the session include?

It includes the photographer’s time, talent and creativity you need to have your unique shots, advice, before and after session meetings, picture selection and elaboration, post-production touches, an online gallery with the best pictures and the usage of the tools and equipment in the studio. Session duration varies from 1 to 3 hours depending on the service needed. Sessions can be outdoors (weather permitting), in the studio or at your place. Sessions for newborns are carried out exclusively in the studio.

Are digital files included?

No, digital files in high or low resolution are not included in the session fee. They can however be purchased separately along with high quality fine art prints and photo books.

What are the accessories needed during the sessions?

For newborns sessions everything is already taken care of. As for the other sessions, detailed instructions on clothing and preparation will be provided once the booking is confirmed.

When should I book?

It is important to book as soon as possible for newborns and pregnancy sessions. The best time window for the shooting is between week 32 and 36, and during the first 15 days of your baby, for this reason I advise you call me before giving birth. For the other services a few weeks notice is enough.

How much will my wedding shooting cost?

The economic part of a professional photo shoot is undoubtedly important but what really counts is who the photographer will be and the guaranties provided. We are talking about the most important moments of your life and the photographer is entrusted with the great responsibility to create the best and only memory you will have of this day in the future. These are once-in-a-lifetime moments, they deserve great attention and professionalism. Asking the right person, a professional, means having no fears and anxiety and being fully able to enjoy your wedding in the most relaxed way possible. You will do so because you know that by your side you have an expert who is able to follow you, your expectations and to capture this important day in a flawless, impeccable and masterful way. This is what will make your “Yes, I do” day unique. Give up on something superfluous, not on a trustworthy professional photographer! For this occasion I have different kinds of packages. Each of them provides different services but they can be tailor-made according to your needs and the price will therefore be different.

What does the price of the wedding shooting depend on?

It is very important for you to know what it means to be a professional photographer to really understand its value and the value of what it does. One might often think that the wedding day will be the only expense the photographer will have. Actually, it takes 14 full working days for a full session which includes: wedding day, choosing the best shots, post-production, layout decisions and consulting. I choose personally the best suppliers and products available on the market to enhance the quality of the final product. A lot of my time and energy are invested in being up-to-date with style, technology and in always offering my clients the best. The equipment and software I use are top notch and last generation and they ensure excellent results in any shooting conditions as well as in post-production. Bare this in mind: what appears to be “simple” does not have to be “cheap”. On the contrary, behind a “simple” product most often lays much work and great care.

Is the price negotiable?

According to me, time and expertise acquired through years of hard work and experience are never to be diminished nor can they be discounted. I offer you all the best of my knowledge, my expertise, my art and my sensitivity. All of this is at your disposal to create really unique shots of your life.

Why should I hire a professional photographer? I have a friend of mine who takes like super good pictures!

The great difference between that friend of yours and I is that I can assure a great, impeccable job. Are you sure your friend is going to come? What if he gets sick, does he have a backup ready? Will he take pictures until the end without distraction? Does he really care about understanding what you need and want on the most beautiful day of your life? What kind of equipment does he use? Will he provide technical and artistic advice on the shooting? Will he also take care of the printing process and quality? Is he able to graphically lay out an album? Will he ensure full backup of your original files? These are the main differences that distinguish a professional from an amateur.

How many photographers will there be?

It depends on the contract we sign and on the kind of wedding. I usually work alone but it is possible to have an additional photographer if you wish so.

How long will you be there for?

I ensure the service for 10-12 hours. I will be present throughout the event. Only by doing this will I be able to describe and portrait it successfully.

We have special requests, could we talk about it?

For sure! The most important thing is for me that the pictures of your wedding really depict entirely that day. Nothing you consider important will ever miss. I aim at conveying emotions, atmosphere and the marvel of that day. This way you will be able to relive it every single time you want, simply by looking at the pictures, as if it was yesterday although it was 20 years ago. In order to do so I must know you very well and I must understand all your needs and expectations. Nothing you care about is trivial or obvious. I warn you that the nature of the wedding shooting itself does not guarantee that all the persons present will be photographed. It would be impossible. But be sure I will shoot all the “institutional” pictures you need or want, just ask me! In order for us to talk about these details we will have to take a dedicated appointment a month before the wedding.

Have any special requirements?

I will need to understand how much time and space I will have to take some posed shots, and I will need to know about the timetable, hours and transfers. I will need a seat, somewhere to place my equipment and a meal.

Who will choose the shots?

The final choice of the shot and the post-production phase is as important as taking the shots: it is the artist’s signature, it is very important and it influences a lot the final result. This is why I will take my decisions but you too will be able to personalize and make some choices.

When will you deliver your shots?

After about 1 or two months I will publish 200-300 pictures online in low resolution in a password-protected folder. In the meantime I publish on my facebook page the best shots. This will allow for a longer lasting excitement. After this I will also hand you over my shots of choice for the album. The album will be delivered a couple of weeks after the draft is approved.

What kind of album are you referring to?

My photo books come with a unique design. They are produced by Album Epoca and Graphistudio: two Italian worldwide leading companies.

Can I have the files? What format are they in?

Of course! And they are included in the price. To guarantee sublime quality shots I only take pictures in RAW format. You will be given the files in a USB flash drive (or DVD) and the pictures will be in high resolution JPEG.