Christine & Manuel

Elegance and style, classic and accurate down to the last detail.

She is an American girl, a breathtaking beauty, naturally polished in every gesture and movement. Hopelessly devoted to their love and to this land that became her new home. He is a young, shy lover from Monterosso, in the Liguria region.
The atmosphere around us during that day was the typical atmosphere you feel during important moments. That is to say: anticipation, trepidation and thrill. This charming young couple gave me the honor and pleasure to be the one in charge of portraying their wedding day in Monterosso, the amazing village in the Cinque Terre, that has been my first home in Italy and to capture in my shots all their love for this sea and its surrounding territory, what a fantastic frame for their love!

Christine and Manuel are the ultimate archetype of a love story. Their wedding was the quintessential wedding every photographer craves to portrait at least once in a lifetime.