Nina & Simone

Every time I see these pictures they bring me back to the intimacy of that discreet and exiting wedding.

She is a Swedish journalist and works for Elle, he is from the small town of Monterosso but he moved abroad. He came back to Italy just to visit his family, just for a few days… but then, life is tricky and some eye glance complicity turns this “just-a-few-days holiday” into a new life path, together.
No more excessive care, no more triviality and no more vanity. This is the time for love to thrive. Their love for themselves as a couple, and their love as parents for their daughter. She is the much-desired anticipation of an imminent “until death do us part”.

The intensity of this day with Nina and Simone has been immense, from the ceremony on the field, to the guests’ speech during the banquet. And of course… there is always time for cuddling, this must always be one’s top priority.