Romina & Paolo

As a photographer, it is not usual for me to feel like any other guests at a wedding. But actually Romina and Paolo really made me feel at home and one of them. Everything was so simple, down-to-earth, true.

This is the story of a longly hidden love. Her life changed when she understood that the best friend of her brother would have been the man of her life and that from him, she would never have parted.
The only desire of this fresh, in-love couple, was that of being together with their guests in celebrating the first day of a long life together.
One of their aunts could not take part to the ceremony in the romantic Church of St. Peter, and so the two went to her house, riding their small typical Ape car, to say hello and to give here the joy of seeing them together, finally married.

These weds have really been able to give us all real and sincere emotions, a spoonful of lightheartedness and, above all, reminded us the importance of togetherness.