Empathy generates the spark. Magic, instead, comes from the relationship I try to establish with the women I photograph.
The real, powerful, conscious, overwhelming essence of a woman is pure and dazzling; but the beauty I look for is the one our soul beams.

Portraits are the most difficult photographic genre but, at the same time, they also are one of the most fascinating. With this being said, it will not be difficult to understand why this cannot be a candid shot or a fleeing or unconscious expression.
Portraits are way more than this. Portraits capture the brave glance that penetrates the lens and never looks back, that reveals its inner being with power and intensity.

Every photo shoot is a unique experience. A journey towards our real selves and the time to show another part of us – since every woman is much more than what she think she is: she is passion, she is strength and she is femininity.