Uta Theile

Uta Theile was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1975 and grew up in the city of Postdam. Since her first years in school she loved art and when she was 15 she realized she had a real passion for photography and film and started spending hours and hours in the darkroom.
When in 1995 she moved to Hamburg she started her professional career in photography, she worked for some broadcasting networks as a graphical assistant and as a lighting technician; jobs in which she improved and fine-tuned her knowledge in photo composition and study of light.

In 1997 she fell in love with her will-be husband, she fell under the spell of the Cinque Terre and she decided to move to Italy. That is when she started to capture in film her interpretation and vision of Italian traditions, the rural life and the beautiful landscapes that surrounded her.
After giving birth to her two children, Uta decided to be only a mother and a wife for a couple of years. After this career pause she went back to her art and passion: that of features and portraits, studying the expressivity of her own children. In love with fishing, after a couple of years, she starts photographing the life of fishmongers. She started a project which lasted for many years and ended up with the publication of the photo-book “L’arte della pesca / The art of fishing” which marked the transformation of her passion for photography into a full-time job.

During these last years she has taken part in many photography workshops with many internationally renowned photographers from all around the world. This allowed her to further improve and perfect her study of picture portraits and wedding photography, that are Uta’s undisputed passions for which she worked hard and specialized during her whole life focusing on the human figure, body and on improving her skills to better portrait her subjects in a natural, emotional and eloquent fashion. She is also a member of many national photography associations such as the Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti (national association of wedding photographers) and the Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti (national association of professional photographers).